Benefits of Meditation

Now a days, we are going through a very busy life and various factors like work load, stress, high blood pressure are mainly responsible for providing adverse effects on our life.

Meditation is a fruitful method to overcome such problems. Regular practice is required to concentrate our mind. When our mind is free from anxieties, we get mental peace. Our mind or soul is a great source of energy; it can provide you healing capacity, strength, and rejuvenation.

Daily practice of meditation provides you mental hygiene, relaxation, ability to combat with any adverse situation of life as well as gives us power to control our mind, emotions and addiction.

Benefits of meditation :-

# Lower blood pressure
# Mental peace
# Slower respiratory rate
# Overcome or reduce your daily tension
# Increase blood circulation
# Reduce heart rate # Preserves balanced function to the digestive system helping aborption of nutrients

If you are getting swollen, use this health tips

# Less perspiration
# Minimize blood cortisol levels
# Feeling of God
# Feeling of Mankind
# More concentration
# More relaxation
# Faster healing
# Brain Elasticity
# Feeling of sympathy and love

Posted by Tapashi Dey
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