Since ancient times, Black Cumin has been used to cure all types of diseases. Black Cumin is also known as Black caraway or Roman Coriander or Habbatusauda or Fennel Flower etc.

The scientific name of Black Cumin is Nigella sativa. Black Cumin is very useful for protecting you from fever, cough, body pain. Black cumin can develop your talent to a great extent. Black Cumin itself has the same quality of antibiotic or antiseptic. Besides, Black Cumin has lots of health benefits. It can kill harmful bacteria from the body as well as support the growth of cells and tissues. Black Cumin is very good for your hair and skin.

Given below a slew of health benefits of Black Cumin :-

Accelerate the growth of hair - Black cumin oil strengthens the cells and follicles of hair and stimulates the creation of new hair. Black cumin oil also reduces hair fall and makes roots of hair stronger. To accelerate the growth of hair on a regular basis, one should intake black cumin daily.

Black cumin reduces hair fall - Make your hair dry hair after applying shampoo. Then use black cumin oil & message gently on your sculp. You should continue it for one week to reduce hair fall.
Black cumin reduces headache - Black cumin oil is very beneficial to cure a headache. Just message black cumin oil on your forehead and intake one tablespoon of black cumin oil on an empty stomach for three days.
Keep you younger - Black cumin is useful for skin development. It can enlighten your skin significantly. Black cumin contains essential fatty acids known as Linolenic that can protect your skin from sharpness & stress of the environment, as well as keep your skin beautiful and youthful.
Make a paste of honey and black cumin and apply it to your skin and wash it off after keeping for half an hour or an hour. This process will make your skin bright.
If you are suffering from acne problem, mix black cumin with apple cider vinegar and apply the paste to the affected area and leave it for a while. If you apply it on a regular basis, you will get relief from acne problem.
For dry skin, mix black cumin powder and black cumin oil with sesame oil and apply on the skin. Within a week you will see noticeable changes.

health benefits of black cumin seeds

Black cumin reduces tooth pain - To reduce your toothache, mix black cumin with lukewarm water and gargle with it. It will also destroy the bacteria associated with Tongue, palate, gums etc.
Black cumin reduces the risk of heart disease - According to the report published in various Medical Science journals, the black cumin reduces the chances of heart attack for the children who are suffering from epilepsy. Black cumin contains an element that can stop seizures.
Black cumin reduces high blood pressure - The people, who are suffering from high blood pressure, should intake black cumin on a daily basis to keep blood pressure under control. You can eat hot rice with black cumin mashed.
Black cumin prevents diseases - Black cumin increases the resistance power of your body to combat disease against various bacteria. If you intake black cumin daily, each organ of the body remains refreshed. So your overall health conditions are improved to a great extent.
Black cumin cures Type II diabetes - The study found that, if you intake two grams of black cumin daily, it will reduces blood sugar levels, insulin as well as improve the functionality of beta cell in pancreas. So, it is suggested to intake black cumin on a daily basis to control diabetes.
Black cumin Increases your sexual power - Black cumin helps to increase sexual power for both women and men. Black cumin is very useful, especially for men. If men intake black cumin on a regular basis, they can get relief from impotency problem.

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