Some Effective Child Parenting Tips

Child is the most precious gift of God. Duty of parent is to make him/her not only a responsible citizen but also a healthy person with pure mind and body.

Learn some steps for effective child parenting.

# Offer him multicolored veg dish and help him to identify colors and vegetables. Your child must enjoy it. If he does not like to have vegetables, teach him that vegetables are the great source of essential nutrients.

# Now-a-days children like cold drinks very much but it contains high amount of sugar that causes of calories. High calories may increase the weight of the body. So the children must avoid in consuming cold drinks regularly.
# Make your child social, attend family gatherings. Let him play with other children, keep contact with neighbors, class mates.
# Develop strong reading skill, teach him to read story and moral books regularly and improve his/her knowledge, share stories with him

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# Your acts and speech are followed by your child, what you would do, he would learn to do same thing. So be dutiful to the elderly person in your family, keep tolerance, show kindness to animals, be truthful, your child must return you same.
# Have at least one meal of the day with your family and child, share jokes and daily task with your family as well as your child, as he can realize his impotence as a part of family.
# Share his pain, problems and dreams; treat him as a human being not just as a child. God is the creator of his body and intelligence but you are the creator of his mind.

This is an exclusive child parenting article that provides some useful parenting tips to for child health and parenting activities & information.

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