Generally, people hesitates to eat eggs daily due to some popular misconceptions like egg can increase weight as well as cholesterol in blood and chances of heart attack etc. But now-a-days, physicians do not agree with these conceptions rather they suggest eating eggs daily to reduce weight upto 3 pounds.

If you eat eggs on a daily basis, you will get the following benefits :-

There are lots of vitamins in eggs. Among them, vitamin B-12 helps to transform the foods, already eaten, to energy or power.
Egg contains Vitamin A that improves your vision. Besides, there are carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin in egg which reduce the risk associated with macular degeneration eye disease as well as cataract in eyes.
Vitamin D is one of the vital elements in eggs that can reduce muscle pain significantly.
Egg contains vitamin E. It destroys free radicals in the skin & cells of your body to prevent skin cancer.
The most vital aspect of egg is that it can reduce your weight considerably. If you eat egg in your breakfast on a daily basis, you will be less hunger and eat less. The study found about 400 calories a day can be reduced, if you eat egg in the morning. It leads to reducing three pounds of weight a month. As per the survey, 65% of the body weight, 16% of body fat, 34% of fat accumulated in waist, can be reduced.
Egg also contains iron, zinc and phosphorous. Women suffer from anemia due to menstruation and quickly become exhausted. Iron can fulfill this deficiency. Zinc speeds up the immune system of your body. The phosphorus can strengthen bones and teeth.


Every woman requires minimum 50 grams of protein daily. An egg contains 6.5 grams of protein or 70-85 calories. So, eat egg daily to become lively.
It was found from a study, conducted by Harvard University in 2003, that 6 eggs a week after adolescence period of women can prevent approximately 44% of breast cancer. A egg does not allow blood clotting in heart. As a result, there are less possibilities for heart attack or stroke.
Choline is a vital element to keep the body healthy. Choline deficiency may lead to cardiovascular and liver diseases or neurological disorder. An egg contains approximately 300 micrograms choline that can control your cardiovascular system, nervous system, liver and the brain.
A new study reveals that the eggs do not increase cholesterol. If you eat two eggs a day, the lipid profile of blood does not affected at all. Egg increases hemoglobin in the blood.
Protein develops the structure of the body. Amino acids help in creating proteins in the body. Twenty types of amino acids are required for this purpose. But our body can’t develop nine types of essential amino acids. So, we have to intake protein supplements. Egg provides us these supplements to create protein in our body instantly.
If you suffer from brittle nails and regular hair falling, then eat eggs daily to recover from these issues. Egg contains sulfur that can improve the quality of the nails, and hair significantly.

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