Heartburn Home Remedies

Heartburn means a burning awareness in the chest region due to stomach acid backing up into the food pipe – the esophagus.

Generally it is found that people undergo heartburn once they intake some particular food or drink a specific beverage.

Many times people seriously misunderstand Heartburn as heart problem and create panic in individuals as well as a cause for concern and disturbance. But the people can easily do away with this irritable problem by following some easy to apply yet helpful home remedies.


Take a one table spoon of plain yellow mustard seeds and consume them after wet through in 100 ml of water for a few hours. Mustard includes vinegar, which deactivates the acid in the stomach, because of which the pH of the stomach is decreased.

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It also prevents the stomach from developing any more acid. This practice facilitates to alleviate heartburn entirely. However, incase mustard does not suit you, cautiously note its effects to continue usage.

Another helpful Tip: Consume 15-20 grains of raw rice with water in the morning before taking breakfast to reduce acidity as well as rule out the very cause of heartburn.

Posted by Tapashi Dey
Food Writer & Blogger
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