Top Ten Kidney Damage Symptoms

The kidneys in a human body are situated just under the rib cage. Both the kidneys purify120-150 quarts of blood. The kidneys play a vital role in keeping the blood flow constant as well as proper functioning of the body. The kidneys check storing of toxin and supplementary fluid in the body as well as maintain exact electrolyte levels and develop hormones that keep the blood pressure under control, develop red blood cells and keep bones stronger.

If both the kidneys do not function properly, your health becomes feeble. In order to keep a healthy figure, you should be aware of the symptoms of kidney failure.

Generally, the following symptoms can lead to damage of kidneys :-


Variations in urination is the initial symptom of kidney failure

  1. Wake up in the mid of the night to urinate
  2. Urine becomes foamy or bubbly
  3. Urinate frequently or in greater amounts, with sallow urine
  4. Urinate infrequently or in smaller amounts, with dim color
  5. Blood is coming with urine
  6. Give pressure or find it difficult to urinate
SWELLING – If your both kidneys malfunction, the additional fluid will not be removed from your body. It may results in swelling in the legs, ankles, feet, face or hands. Sudden extremely swelling may be the cause of failure of kidneys.
FATIGUE - If the kidneys function well, they produce a hormone called erythropoietin or EPO. This hormone directs signal to your body for developing red blood cells to get oxygen. If Kidneys can’t function properly, the production of EPO will be decreased together with the reduction in red blood cells. So there will be fewer red blood cells to transmit oxygen to your body. Both the muscles and brain of your body turn out to be exhausted quickly and easily and cause anemia.
SKIN RASH - Acute itching or skin rash may occur from accumulated waste, if the kidneys fail to eliminate waste from the bloodstream. Accumulated waste in blood can also make skin dry and irritated. You can use creams or ointments to get relief temporarily, buy kidney damage will not be cured.
METALLIC TASTE IN THE MOUTH - Accumulated waste in the blood can give rise to bad breath as well as make changes in the taste of your food. If you suffer from bowl disorder or notice a change in your food tastes, it can lead to kidney damage. The accumulated waste can also give rise to nausea and vomiting.
DEFICIENCY OF BREATH – Kidney damage can cause deficiency of breath in two ways. The extra fluid in the body stores in the lungs, and/or the scarcity of oxygen-bearing red blood cells can give up your body longing for oxygen.

kidney damage symptoms

UPSET STOMACH AND TROUBLE CONCENTRATING – If you suffer from Anemia due to kidney damage, it suggests that the brain fails to get sufficient oxygen as per requirements. This can cause memory loss, upset stomach and lack of concentration.
PAIN - The People undergoing kidney damage may have pain in the upper back or on the same side as the damaged kidney. Kidney infections and kidney stones can lead to acute pain, often in spasms.

To keep your kidneys as healthy as possible, Eat a healthy diet rich containing antioxidants and other health-supporting properties.

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