Weight Gain After Marriage For Women

According to scientific study and research, increasing weight after marriage is very much common among the women. Very significantly it is noticed that the women aged 20 to 30 get extra 2 to 5 kg after marriage and achieve 7 to 10 kg when their age become 30 to 40.

Overweight may happen for the following reasons :-

Change in food habit – Before marriage women independently maintain a specific style of cooking. But after marriage she has to cook for the members of her in-laws and accept their cooking style. She has to adjust with her food habits. Often she has to cook and eat spicy and fatty foods. These new types of food habits may increase her weight significantly.

Accustomed to take food from outside – The newly married couple always prefer to have their lunch or dinner at hotel or restaurant once in a week. The food provided in hotel or restaurant contains high calories and less nutrition. Eating high calories on a regular basis may increase weight.
Lack of regular exercise – After marriage the women have to take lots of responsibilities and they don’t have time to concentrate on their fitness. Due to overload of work, the women get tired and take a long sleep after lunch on a daily basis. So fats are accumulated in their body and they suffer from overweight problem.
Addiction to fast & junk food – The working women don’t find enough time to cook on a regular basis and they always prefer to go for fast & junk foods. So taking fast food on a regular basis may increase weight of the married women.
Pregnancy – Pregnancy is another vital reason for over weigh. The hormonal interchange at the time of pregnancy, may increase the weight of the women. This is the natural method of the body to get the body ready for breastfeeding. In Post pregnancy period, the women generally intake foods which contain high macronutrients, protein, carbohydrates and fat for the development of her baby and this may increase weight significantly. Besides, after giving birth, the women spent most of her time nurturing the baby and stay at home in relaxation.

weight gain after marriage

Excess Sugar – The women generally prefer to consume excess sugar or food having excess sugar, it can alter the hormones and biochemistry of the body and lead to extra weight gain.
Side effect of drug – Post or after pregnancy the women have to intake various types of medicines which may create side effects to the health of the women and increase weight.

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