Some Useful Kitchen Tips

After removing the peels, potato becomes blackish. To get rid of this problem, soak potatoes into cold water.
After chopping apple, it turns reddish. To avoid this, soak apple into salt water.
In course of cooking, if your preparation becomes extra salty, add some chopped potatoes. Salty taste will be adjusted.

If your tiffin box smell stale, brush viniger inside the box with a piece of cotton and leave for overnight. Wash with soap and water. The bad smell will no longer exist.

Some useful kitchen tips

After making home made cottage cheese, don't drain the water rather than use it in chicken or fish curry. The taste of the curry will be improved to a great extent.
To take out clay stains in bottom of the cooker or vessels, just apply add a little bit of lemon and ½ cup of water. Warm up for sometimes and cleanse right away.
To cut an onion devoid of shedding tears, slice it adjacent to a gas flame or slice it under flowing water or refrigerate onions for 5 to10 mins prior to start chopping.
To remove the dark black color and hard stains from the stove top and kitchen platform, use some baking soda on stove top and circulate lightly. Keep it for some 10 to 15 minutes and wipe it well.

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